Get Resources to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

As entrepreneurs, all face challenges throughout our careers. Everyone does. But you can overcome it!

Experience is a highly valued element and

often sought through the course of any business entity.

Using a mentor to help an individual have

some idea or measurable bench mark is a

positive additive to a business equation.

The benefits of having a mentor cannot be emphasized enough.

Mentoring involves the more experienced

party extending the relevant knowledge and

skill in a particular area to the less experienced individual.

This is supposed to help the lesser experiences

individual in more ways than one to understand

and emulate some of the good qualities expounded.

The following are some of the ideas behind the

wisdom in using a mentor: Mentoring involves the

teaching process either directly or indirectly for

the purpose of imparting valuable skills or

information on a particular topic or area and this is

very useful for the novice trying to make some

headway into the said field. Having someone

to lean on for guidance and also to steer the

individual away from decisions that will negatively

impact the business is not only advantages but also

sometimes the defining difference between success

and disaster for the business.


50 Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media

1) Social Bookmark Links – Improve sharing by incorporating social bookmark links to your most important web pages and/or blog posts.

2) Social Profiles – Build buzz that leads up to the holidays by using your social profiles. People often only start as holidays are happening. Start early and build up the buzz to the holidays in your social profiles.

3) Good Content – People want to share compelling, inspiring, educational and valuable content. Produce great content which are interesting and it will automatically be shared virally online.

Learn from the Best!

GLO (Global Leader Organization) knows how important continuous learning and community are for the dedicated entrepreneur.

1. Have a keen eye for opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common – they have a keen eye for opportunity. When an entrepreneur looks at the world, he sees it differently. He sees ‘business opportunities’.

For example, when a subdivision has no supermarket nearby, a normal person complains. But an entrepreneur sees profit – an opportunity to open a profitable convenient store.

Keep your eyes open for such opportunities and have the courage to grab it.

2. Practice careful optimism

Be optimistic. This means that you should have a positive outlook. A positive thinking brings forth many possibilities.