A half an Hour a day For EXTRA INCOME from Home Job

  1. Blogging

Super easy is to create a blog these days. But, you need to have traffic for ads to be placed on your website. But what do you need to blog? No matter, whatever: family life, business, politics, religion ... As long as you are consistent about it and so the audience stays tuned.

Another great way is to make sponsored blogs, where companies pay you for giving positive feedback on products.


  1. Freelance writing

Already in this phase it can be anything, information articles for professionals, students to online game codes.

If some type of writing is your forte, this is an excellent option for you. Unlike blogs, here it provides a wider range of potential for writing, because it has more common people who apply for their writing skills instead of large corporations.

3.Online games

You have to have gambling experience. Countless websites where you play virtual cards against real people who bet with real money, whether it's five cards, five cards or blackjack.

You can change dice instead of cards. Or, you can buy fast games that you can play alone. Always verify that it is legal in your province or state.

  1. Paid Surveys

In truth, this modality can be boring for 30 full minutes. You must keep focus and hard work, but a very good pay.

  Simply sign up for a group of websites and check your email every day to see if they have surveys for you. This helps the website get more information about people and their demographic area to see how they can better advertise the products to their users.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

It is the one with the greatest potential for ways to earn a lot of money online. The industry earns $ 12.3 million a year, and is projected to increase to $ 6.8 BILLION by 2020.

Simply, you will announce products for companies such as Amazon, Google AdSense and ClickBank, and you will be paid a commission for each sale that occurs due to your clicks. Amazon usually starts with approximately 4% of the price of the product, but ClickBank can sometimes reach up to 75%.

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Are you well paid for your work? Do you think you deserve to have more for what you do? The idea is to increase income by working less hours.

Any middle class person can earn more independently than those who need to work 8 hours a day.

Even with only 30 min a day sitting in front of a computer.

Look at some of the ways you can start earning money from the comfort of your home with just one laptop:

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Crazy, right? But it is not difficult to take advantage of it.

Just check out these affiliate examples of success in this area of business.

Currently there are many ways and options when it comes to making money online. Internet is like a racing goldmine; You don't need special skills, a boss or an office. All you need is a computer and half an hour a day. Just decide where you will start your online career?

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